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Request for advanced drones denied to avoid escalation. Considering announced withdrawal from Kherson, this differs from withdrawal from N Ukraine which saw more weapons & shunning diplomacy. Now figures like gen Milley are saying negotiate #diplomacy

@SadWithoutGuilt @Ukraine66251776 I've been hard on them lately, but yes, Obama is a horrendous war criminal. What he did in places like Libya, Syria, Yemen, & screwing around in Ukraine is cruel. Trump was a mixed bag. I like Jimmy Dore, reliably antiwar progressive who demands better of other progressives

@_michalis12 @DecampDave A fair point. Tweets already going around saying US pushing Ukraine to negotiate, ignoring the rest of the article.

@LPNational More specifically they should discuss w/ Russia the restoration of the ABM, INF, Open Skies treaties, which were important for peacefully ending the cold war. The pointless erosion of such treaties left a paranoid Russia jealously clinging to Ukraine.

@JackPosobiec Has AOC ever suggested a windfall tax on arms manufacturers enjoying the new business being made from this war? They should offer their weapons at a discount if not for free for Ukraine. You're a Russian puppet if you don't agree.

The starting point for peace in Ukraine must actually begin outside of Ukraine End NATO expansion, restore ABM, INF, Open Skies treaties, continue START talks to reduce either side's capacity to use nukes & keep expanding mutual verification.

@zerohedge Putin says won't use nuclear weapons in Ukraine saying no political nor military value. Pentagon cancels sea-launched nuclear missile program. Unilaterally declared de-escalatory language from both sides here regarding nukes.

@IlhanMN Support for Ukraine isnt in question. It's willingness to go along w/ insane foreign policy of weapons w/o coinciding diplomacy. US, by hanging NATO membership, have moral responsibility to negotiate. Restore ABM, INF, Open Skies Treaty, no NATO expansion, Russia leave Ukraine

@RFERL Ruslan Zinin sent an officer, who wanted to conscript his friend to fight in Ukraine, into intensive care. Conscription is slavery & you have every right to resist w/ force.

Putin states Russia has no plans to use nukes in Ukraine seeing no political nor military value, corroborating US claims. Very important de-escalatory language to hear as the threat of nuclear war is very real.

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