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"Too many Muslims, too many people with different skin colours." Andrea, a host for the Homes for Ukraine scheme, tells @darshnasoni how "shocked" she was at how difficult a Ukrainian refugee found adjusting to ethnic diversity and cultural values in the UK.

Just over 100,000 Ukrainians have sought refuge in the UK But not all of them have found it easy to settle into a country where the ethnic diversity and cultural values are very different from Ukraine. @DarshnaSoni reports.

Germany has officially approved delivery of Leopard 2 battle tanks to Ukraine.

Germany has officially approved delivery of Leopard 2 battle tanks to Ukraine.

Germany has agreed to send tanks to Ukraine - this expert explains why it could be a 'game changer'.

'This will turn trench warfare into mobile warfare': Hamish de Bretton Gordon, who was a Commanding Officer in the British Army's Tank Regiment, on the Germany's reported 'game changing' delivery of Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine.

Germany will send Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine and allow other countries to do the same, according to reports. Could it be a gamechanger? @lindseyhilsum

Germany鈥檚 foreign minister has said she will not stop Poland sending Ukraine advanced German-made tanks. The Ukranians believe the tanks will give them the upper hand against Russia. @lindseyhilsum reports.

鈥淩ussia has no power to attack Nato鈥. German MP Alexander M眉ller tells @krishgm that Ukraine's Nato membership will be decided 鈥渁fter they have peace with Russia鈥.

Ukraine has appealed to its western allies to give it the tanks it desperately needs. But tonight - they are no closer with no decision from Germany over whether to allow its Leopard 2 tanks to be supplied to Ukraine. @mattfrei reports.

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