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When a crime doesn鈥檛 fit the narrative, the regime makes you forget it happened.
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Regime tried using Ukraine to sucker the country into a war, that didn鈥檛 work, now it鈥檚 trying with China. Also won鈥檛 work.

Zelenskyy has consolidated Ukraine's TV outlets and dissolved rival political parties

I still can鈥檛 get over how insightful this interview is. Covers everything from DOD money laundering, Afghanistan, political persecution, to Russia and Ukraine. Truly a must listen.

This is why conservatives gotta stop falling for the Current Thing such as Ukraine or Khashoggi or whatever the frick. Shitlibs don鈥檛 have any principles but they weaponize yours against you.

Ukraine deputy prime minister advocates for cashless society in 2030. 2030 is part of WEF and Great Reset numerology.

Told y鈥檃ll that Russia vs Ukraine was 鈥淎merican Ninja,鈥 where you never paid attention to the ethnic genocide committed by Ukraine and then in 2022 chose a side. We should have stayed out of it.

Reminder that 99% of men can鈥檛 fight, even ones who claim they are in Ukraine doing secret fighting missions with Malcom Nance.

I saw a thread of buildings China put up in Africa and marveled at the low budget used for the beautiful structures. Anyone claiming China is corrupt should compare construction budgets of China in Africa and comprise to Ukraine and U.S. aid.

The longer it鈥檚 dragged out, the more nationalists who die off and the more damage is done. That鈥檚 how the regime and its enablers see Ukraine. Money laundering bonanza not since since the glory days of Afghanistan.

The United States now has abortion laws similar to Ukraine. Slava Ukraini!

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