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When a crime doesn鈥檛 fit the narrative, the regime makes you forget it happened.
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Call me old fashioned but maybe we shouldn鈥檛 be involved in foreign wars, even by proxy as in Ukraine, when adversaries feel comfortable invading the 馃嚭馃嚫 with enemy aircraft.

The Plan for Ukraine was always obvious. Step 1. Clear out the country's finest men, the ones who would oppose the evil agenda. Step 2. Loot and launder and worse.

We鈥檝e bought multiple items from Etsy shops that coincidentally were in Ukraine. Is there some craftsmanship movement there? No idea. Asking if anyone knows.

Right. There鈥檚 a steel man case for the war in Ukraine, and it serves the demonic empire鈥檚 goal of thinning out the best of Ukraine. Going to be sex trafficking central after the war. @GraduatedBen

In an actual democracy, the right would have gotten its Wall in exchange for universal healthcare of some sort for the left. Instead, Ukraine gets 10x the cost of the wall and 50x more than The Cancer Moonshot Initiative.

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