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@SteveMaur @LennyDykstra LOL.. That ship sailed under Biden. He was always the point man for Ukraine and his son was in ownership of Rosemont Seneca, who acted as a go-between for Pentagon financing of the USA funded Bio- labs. Leaked phone call between Nuland/Pyatt points this out clearly.

First time that I've heard about this. Biden offers Russia 20% of Ukraine to acquire peace?

Ukraine war moves 'Doomsday Clock' to 90 seconds to midnight via @thepressofac

@ZenWorld16 Ukraine is strategic to the means of globalization. WEF has invested billions. What is happening now has been planned for years. Not buying what propaganda media is selling. So sad for those people to be used as cannon fodder, because they are. Sad to watch.

@benigma2017 @ZenWorld16 Last I checked Russia was gaining territory and Ukraine is snatching bodies off the street for cannon fodder. Sad situation.

@EronenMik @ZenWorld16 Hmmm.. then why has the USA sent them 90 billion? We are in a proxy war. NATO members are backing Ukraine last I checked. YET, Ukraine is not a NATO member.

@atensnut They aren't done with him yet. It is a useful slim(e) tool. He has been on Soros payroll for years. He was very instrumental in "All things Ukraine", much like Biden. Soros/Finance.

@drfessel @RedCali2024 Still are. We are paying billions to protect other countries borders, but ours is wide open.. Let Ukraine deal.

@RedCali2024 @drfessel Basically Ukraine is not a member of NATO and you created this mess. I think the people should have a say in the way the taxpayers money is spent. You seem all too happy to give it away, along with our oil.

@fegroup @StephenM That is a good point. It seems no one knew they were missing, after 6 years. Trump had no access to these documents during his presidency, so it seems. What was in these documents, on Ukraine and Iran.. Quite interesting. Seem theft took place.

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