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@RFHanrahan @briebriejoy End the genocide you are commiting i Yemen before you adress the war and suffering you brouht helped create in the Ukraine. Look in the mirror if you want to know what monsters look like!

@tombasmccombas @briebriejoy Ukrainian land is not the only thing Russia wants. They want removed santions, restored nordstreams and a promise to not bring Ukraine into Nato. But yes loss of territory is probable. Ukraine must decide themself if the price is worth paying.

@tombasmccombas @briebriejoy US pays Ukraines bills if Ukraine is not negotiating it is becsuse that is not in USAs interest. Today Ukraine will pay with something like: 300 dead soldiers, almost 700 maimed. Today children, mothers and, widows will cry!

@Miguel_G_Pablos @McFaul It is not comparable to Vietnam. Vietnam does not include historical US territory. Neither is it composed of 40% ethnic Americans. Unlike Russia/ Ukraine there are no deep ties and Vietnam was never critical to US national interests.

@wesbjohnson2 @McFaul If a big Nuclear war happends humanity dies. Throwinv Putin out of Ukraine by force of arms will reduce Ukraine to rubble and kill millions of Ukranians is that better than negotiating peace.

@StravatoLennon @caitoz For the regular soldier, a lot of Ukrainian citizens, a lot of volunteers and people who try to help Ukraine the war is just self defense. The war would never have started however without the US pushing Ukraine into a deep military cooperation.

@pcmwave @McFaul No close ties to Russia. Both are unofficial Nato members since the early 2000s at least. It does not endanger Russias national security since it wont impact gas transits from Russia to Europe. Also US nukes in Ukraine would mean an end to mutually assured destruction (MAD).

@McFaul @ForeignAffairs Offer a sincere apology for trying to extend nato to Ukraine. Then start negotiating from the current frontlines. If you stay out of Ukraine make Russia promise to not station troops in Cuba. If it is imortant that they return conquered land return lands you have conquered.

@McFaul @TheWeek Why do you who fight against rules based international order bring this up? How about using the same set of rules for the Ukraine (Illegal Russian annexation), Palestine (Israeli occupation), Taiwan, Syria (illegal US prescense), Iraq (illegal US prescense)?

@larsfella @RWApodcast I am arguing against escalation! How many hundred km2 and thousand of Ukranian lives would be spared if the USA admitted their provocation, promised to stay out of Ukraine and apologised sincerely? Unlike another 800.000 dead ukranians that is a price the US is not willing to pay

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