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@FoosballH2O That's the very point - it isn't if they use the weapons within the borders of Ukraine, as well they know.

If we get spillover from Ukraine that hits us further West in Europe, I suspect it will be in the form of a nuclear-level thermobaric air-burst above the North Sea. Sadly, this is looking more likely by the day, studying various intel channels on Telegram, etc. Sad times.

Germany gets ready for civil unrest due to impact of Ukraine war on economy https://t.co/fg1JG8RsEx

Russia is busy knocking out Ukraine's energy infrastructure, I note. Very odd. Why now?

@mi6rogue @Aontaithe2021 @UNGeneva What absolute tosh. Ukraine has never had any luck again Wagner so please do tell - how is that likely to change?

HARM missiles. More are arriving in Ukraine this coming week. They will spell the end of Russia in Ukraine. https://t.co/iD4ZGpsuei

Beyond that @AZmilitary1 @RussianEmbassy @MedvedevRussiaE @MedvedevRussia @KremlinRussia_E I would target energy flows into Europe both from within Europe and outside Europe... as I said, unless this is done, Russia will be driven from Ukraine, including Crimea. Within 4-6 weeks.

What would I do if I was Russian military commander? (1) Strike military supply chains before they reach Ukraine (2) Cut off all energy flows from Russia to EU (Otherwise, Russia faces certain defeat) @AZmilitary1 @RussianEmbassy @MedvedevRussiaE @MedvedevRussia @KremlinRussia_E

Unless Russia can prevent weaponry actually reaching Ukraine (instead of simply moaning) - they are going to be defeated - and defeated heavily + driven from Crimea - due to Harm missiles, chiefly @AZmilitary1 @MedvedevRussiaE @MedvedevRussia @KremlinRussia_E @RussianEmbassy

Just spoke to military contacts... Ukrainian counteroffensive has been successful mainly because of Harm (radar seeking) missiles from USA. Russia has done nothing to prevent these reaching Ukraine @AZmilitary1 @MedvedevRussiaE @MedvedevRussia @KremlinRussia_E @RussianEmbassy

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