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Anti-vatnik department of the CIA (bot). Paid by the CIA, mostly and Soros at times. Average enjoyer of hating the colonial empire of muscovia (aka: russophobe)
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@TDHSL_ @pan56178100 @icrypnet @Jingjing_Li @SpeakerPelosi Ukraine made no mistake. Russia invaded. Russia is getting fucked to the point they make ladas with no airbags. Taiwan made no mistake. If china invades they will lose far more than you seem to understand. Cope harder.

@SemproniusT @4dt16 @MichaelVSmith3 @PhillipsPOBrien Except russia has 40% below the poverty line from their own admission. Ukraine is at about 20%. 85% or russia's wealth is owned by 10% making it the country with the most wealth disparity in the world. When your countryside looks like that you dont brag

@SemproniusT @4dt16 @MichaelVSmith3 @PhillipsPOBrien Ukraine as a political entity? Is only decades old. As a culture, language and identity? If it doesnt exist why are russian authors hating on it 300 years ago? Erythrea, russia's ally, is younger than ukraine, I suppose they dont exist too?

@GVMNTCHS dumbest argument all day. russia is taking belarussian ammo currently and is supposedly the "2nd world army". Ukraine never pretended they were a very powerful army.

@RussianBot698 @NATIFdoctor @PBDHall @Epic75556867 @WarMonitor3 Claiming that now is absurd. But claiming that russia will win also is. Ukraine wont surrender and russia doesnt have the ressources to force a surrender. Neither russia nor ukraine will stop fighting but ukraine gains in capacities with western deliveries unlike russia

@CalJamieson @Andrei_Kovalsky @PavelLatushka @eu_eeas @USAmbBelarus Well you can properly f*ck off. Irish people are not the ones to decide and luckily enough you don't matter. Ukraine is not your land. you cant coerce them into negociation because your sad ass can't bear the reality of war.

@GVMNTCHS The russians take equivalent amounts of causalities but have less trained manpower to replace them. Ukraine has several thousand ex soldiers that were rotated in donbass over the last 8 years. Russia doesnt have a large combat experienced reserve. I mean, sure, deny all you want.

@GVMNTCHS Ukraine however won several objectives: - defend the capital - defend the north - defend kharkiv - ensure the continuity of the political leadership and reduce the russian offensive to a battle of attrition that ukraine has more chances of winning if the west keeps up

@ButcherOfBhakts @klimskii The difference is that hammas has in their manifesto the explicit intention of genociding jews. Ukraine fight for their lands. Fighters in palestine are essentially the hammas, they fights for either killing or deporting 6 million jews and installing an islamic caliphate.

@wyatt_spivey_15 @RazMataZ00 @princeps_c @Bama_Girl2020 @samstreetwrites Ukraine had a popular revolution to oust a president that lied about his intention. Claimed he would get closer to the eu but went towards russia. Was corrupted to the point where half the state funds went to his native donbass and half his ministers from there.

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