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Russia 'planning something' in southern Ukraine, Kyiv warns; Russians could be advancing in Donetsk

'Losing is not an option': Russia analysts fear a 'desperate' Putin as Ukraine war drags on

U.S. could give Ukraine energy help as country freezes; rumors of further Russian mobilization grow

Ukraine must prepare itself for new Russian strikes, Kyiv says; liberated Kherson is 'vulnerable'

Russian shelling intensifies as weather deteriorates, but U.S. says Ukraine is prepared to fight through winter

NATO chief says Poland blast likely caused by Ukrainian missile 鈥 but not Ukraine's fault

Ukraine forces may have fired Poland missile, report says; Kyiv reels from huge infrastructure attack

Ukraine war overshadows G-20 summit to Moscow's annoyance; Zelenskyy sets out a 'formula for peace'

Developments in the Ukraine war are going to catch markets off-guard, warned Opimas CEO Octavio Marenzi

Russia is withdrawing from Ukraine's Kherson 鈥 but the retreat will be dangerous for both sides

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