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@Tommy_Charles86 @SkyNews youre fucking stupid if you think Ukraine fired a missile into Poland xD

@TZMporra @yeaman_adam @RainbowTara1 @AlexBondODUA @VolunteerReport He sacrificed himself to give Ukraine time to prepare for the onslaught, yeah he鈥檚 a fucking hero

@Ramanuskas3 Yeah when that black bird from Harvard rolled her eyes when asked about the atrocities In Ukraine I knew I had to come back, we can鈥檛 let influential vatniks take over the narrative, every voice counts

@ugandimees @Intermarium_FI Yeah it鈥檚 been in the works for years now really, the Ukraine war just gave Poland a lot more political clout and so everything seems as if it鈥檚 moving faster

@zuidoki1974 @alanisalegend @nexta_tv i dont doubt that many will get to Ukraine, rather that 500 is a crazy amount, there will probably be a mixture of these and some less advanced ones, obviously germany should be credited either way, i just dont want the soldiers on the ground to be disappointed

@wajha1989 @visegrad24 Brother, the descendants of those criminals are currently committing the same crimes again in Ukraine, have you not seen the mass graves? The raped children? The levelled towns and burned villages, torturers and malnourished POWs? This isn鈥檛 generalisation, russians are just evil

@wajha1989 @visegrad24 We shouldn鈥檛 forgive russians because russians are russians and they have already proved that they would do it again as presented in the current war, I agree though we shouldn鈥檛 forgive Ukraine until they apologise and publicly speak against bandera, it鈥檚 the final hurdle

@alanisalegend @TpyxaNews I've just looked into it in a bit more detail, i decided that estimates are useless, we'll just have to wait until Ukraine wins the war and all information will be made public, guess work is pointless especially with how little details there are

@AlexanderHagma2 @bonzai82 @alanisalegend @TpyxaNews Who would you give the contract to as Ukraine, Austria? Hungary? Or Estonia? Answer seems clear to me

@AlexanderHagma2 @bonzai82 @alanisalegend @TpyxaNews Im a realist, after Ukraine wins, Poland Germany USA and uk will scupper really nice and big contracts to rebuild their nation, this isnt the main goal obviously but it is a reward, I also think as far as competitions go this one is very healthy as it incentivises support

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