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Never bet against Tom Bra
American football forever!
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@t8896926 @huntareport4 @dw_russian It looks like modern Russian language is very poor. Every other word you use is English馃槃馃槃馃槃 And that's OK! English is totally superior, like US IS totally superior compared to poor and underdeveloped Russia! That's why Ukraine is winning and downing your primitive jets!

@t8896926 @huntareport4 @dw_russian Nervous? Yes, Ukraine's going to win and we are going to help. Your army is trash, your president is out of his mind. As for 4 downed jets, just go and read your patriotic tg channels. Vatniks are crying that today was the worst day for Russian aviation. So funny, losers!馃榿

@GazetaRu Ukraine warned that there would be no negotiations in case of fake referenda. So there, GTFO.

@GazetaRu Ukraine will discuss Russia's capitulation after the war.

@Alexand73344683 @maestro_2022 @dw_russian Obviously Mr.Putin doesn't share your opinion and wants to bomb Ukraine. Therefore he gets, like you Russians say, otvetochka.

@WarMonitor3 Glory to the heroes! Glory to Ukraine! 馃嚭馃嚘

@bars_irbis @AlexanderRedki3 @GazetaRu Don't speak about the things you don't know anything about, please, Natasha. Ukraine is ours, so don't touch the things that don't belong to you, you third world country citizen 馃ぃ

@tass_agency Like Russia respects the territorial integrity of Ukraine, I presume.

@GazetaRu Yes, it was the plan, but fortunately for Ukraine and unfortunately for Russia it's gone awry.

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