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We're telling lies; we know we're telling lies; we don't tell the public the truth, that we're losing more officers than the Germans, and that it's impossible t
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If u like to read , Jacob鈥檚 Ladder guides the reader through some of the most turbulent times in the history of Russia and Ukraine

UA Energy Minister Herman Halushchenko said RU targeted power generation and transmission facilities across the country, affecting Ukraine and other countries' energy infrastructure.

RU paying UA for gas transport to EU. UA do not have problem with that, its just money. "RU can strike at its gas transport infrastructure and blame Ukraine for it, and then strike at the UA GTS, cutting off the supply of gas to Europe through it" - Zelensky

Can not confirm , there is rumor about . Air alert has been declared in almost all regions of Western Ukraine. 鈥淎n attack by UAVs and aviation from Belarus is expected,鈥 According to source, aviation activity was also noticed near the Ukrainian border.

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