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Ukraine's government estimates that about 62,000 square miles of the country's territory may be contaminated with landmines and other unexploded weapons. That's an area slightly smaller than the state of Wisconsin.

The head of Ukraine's state nuclear power company says there is a "very dangerous situation right now" at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power facility amid Russia's invasion. "We have actually much more material there than we had in Chernobyl."

Russian authorities raided the home of a former state TV journalist who quit after making an on-air protest against Moscow's war in Ukraine.

The latest delivery of arms from the Defense Department brings the total amount of U.S. security aid to Ukraine to $9.8 billion since President Biden took office last year, including more than $9 billion since Russia invaded Ukraine in late February.

As the war in Ukraine grinds on, the government in Kyiv is accusing Russia of kidnapping thousands of children and taking them into Russian-controlled territory.

We removed a tweet promoting our recent doc, "Arming Ukraine," which quoted the founder of the nonprofit Blue-Yellow, Jonas Ohman's assessment in late April that only around 30% of aid was reaching the front lines in Ukraine.

Bakhmut and Avdiivka have been considered key targets of Russia's ongoing offensive across Ukraine's east.

The new CBS Reports documentary, "Arming Ukraine," explores why much of the billions of dollars of military aid that the U.S. is sending to Ukraine doesn't make it to the front lines: "Like 30% of it reaches its final destination." Stream now:

Kyiv said 17 other vessels were "loaded and waiting permission to leave" Ukraine but there was no word on when they could depart.

JUST IN: The Senate voted 95-1 on Wednesday to ratify NATO membership for Finland and Sweden, with overwhelming bipartisan support expected for quickly expanding the Western military alliance in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

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