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Krispy Kreme has exited Russia over the war in Ukraine. 'Krunchy Dream' is taking its place.

The EU wants to cap Russian oil around $65 a barrel, but Ukraine President Zelenskyy is pushing for it to be as low as $30

Restaurants in Ukraine have created 'blackout menus' to cook by candlelight during power outages. They say they're 'not scared of the dark'.

Zelenskyy vows to help feed Africa and boost global food security with Grain from Ukraine scheme

Russian agents killed 3 men they said were saboteurs sent by Ukraine. A report says they were just gamers in costume.

China wants Putin to stop threatening nuclear war over Ukraine, according to the White House

Russia says it will suspend UN-brokered Ukraine export deal

Putin admits Russia is facing 'issues' in the Ukraine war and told his team to make faster decisions

JPMorgan's Jamie Dimon says Russia's war on Ukraine and other geopolitics are more concerning than a recession

Researchers who reverse-engineered Starlink to work as a backup for GPS found a security flaw in the system 鈥 using a video of tennis star Rafael Nadal 鈥 that could be exploited in Ukraine

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