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@jasonsk40761234 I think Biden meant Ukraine for building back better.

@ArtValley818_ Why more money for Ukraine when Americans suffer here?

@Dane__Garcia But we send $80B to Ukraine? Our soldiers are on foodstamps? Unacceptable Resign @JoeBiden

@SheldonforRI @DNC Victor Pinchuk of Ukraine, a former parliamentarian, was the highest donor to Hillary at 1 point. So why are we sending billions to Ukraine under Biden? Look at your own Nazi Dem party.

@JKash000 @spumoni011112 Help Ukraine? It's really just politicians bribing themselves.

@POTUS I don't mind supporting Ukraine but not to this level. Too much money has been spent on Ukraine at the expense of the American ppl. It's insulting. We know that it's a money laundering country for the left elite.

@TheRightAva88 @JoeBiden and Hunter should be charged with treason. Tired of so much money going to Ukraine to protect their money laundering country.

@carsonkrow Insane. We are sending way too much money to Ukraine to protect the Dems' money laundering operations. This shows how evil the Dems are, they are willing to destroy our country for their financial benefit.

@Rusty86563022 @1OregonPatriot What? More aid to Ukraine? We already know the left elite's children run Ukraine. Zelenski has 5 yachts and they need more money? Ukraine is a waste of money. Show an accounting of where all our Ukraine money has gone.

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