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@RT_com Berlin should work out an agreement with Kiev where armaments can be exchanged for access to Ukraine鈥檚 vast woodlands. 鉁旓笍

@SputnikInt THE REALITY: Whether the West approves of it or not, the people of the liberated Russian-speaking regions of Ukraine are exercising their inherent right of self-determination. 鉁旓笍

@RT_com Since the 2014 US overthrow of the Kiev government, the Western powers have completely ignored the continual bombardment of the Russian-speaking Donbass and the ongoing persecution of all of Ukraine鈥檚 Russian-speaking citizens. 鉁旓笍

@SputnikInt In the liberated Russian-speaking regions of the Ukraine, reconstructive efforts are well underway and the ruble is already in widespread use. 鉁旓笍

@RT_com TAKE NOTE: Anyone questioning Berlin鈥檚 Ukraine narrative will be condemned as a threat to national security. This type of persecution and censorship is a sure sign of totalitarianism. 鉁旓笍

@RT_com Like it or not, the borders throughout Eastern Europe are going to be altered due to the US-instigated Ukrainian conflict. Referendums of self-determination will result in Ukraine becoming a bankrupt and depopulated land-locked rump state. 鉁旓笍

@RT_com Even with its dark Nazi WW2 past, Germany continues to support a nazified Ukraine. 鉁旓笍

@RT_com Washington鈥檚 reckless policies involving Ukraine are being completely replicated in regards to Taiwan. The triggering of division, chaos and conflict is a key strategy of a warped American foreign policy. 鉁旓笍

@SputnikInt The fact that the Ukrainian Armed Forces have been openly nazified is being completely ignored by Western governments and the corrupt mainstream media. It鈥檚 especially appalling for Germany to be supporting a nazified Ukraine. 鉁旓笍

@RT_com IN A NUTSHELL: Europeans are being asked to sacrifice their financial security in order to support a US-instigated proxy war against Russia in a nazified Ukraine. 鉁旓笍

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