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WW2 enthusiast, Eastern Front 1941/44-45 especially. If you're here I probably said something true and you didn't like it.
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@sully_harrison @hrobak67 @JennyCafarella @TheStudyofWar So we've been hearing the same wrong shit since March because Ukraine is winning.

@projdisvit666 @nhbeerhunter @TheStudyofWar The fact that you're denying Ukraine has ever shelled Russia is crazy. And you still insist on calling me a Russian sympathizer. This conversation is pointless, therefore over.

@projdisvit666 @nhbeerhunter @TheStudyofWar Go ahead and tell me how after 8 years of Ukraine shelling Donetsk, it's now all of a sudden a false flag? What does Russia have to gain by bombing it's allies? And I'm not from Russia

@Luan75937152 @TheStudyofWar Every time Ukraine captures a patch of grass ISW calls it a counter offensive.

@newsmax Sorry for the dumb question but what does Ukraine gain from being part of the EU?

@terror_studies @ukrwarrusosint @mrcrom1 @TheStudyofWar Ukraine didn't retake those areas. Russia decided to leave. Yes, Ukraine held them back but be honest.

@St31nman1ac @Hologramme06 @InDarknessShine @shadesisla @JDawson168 @TheStudyofWar @criticalthreats I didn't say it was a second Verdun. I was agreeing with the guy using Verdun as an example of the large battle small city point. Nothing that happens in Ukraine will reach Verdun levels.

@St31nman1ac @Hologramme06 @InDarknessShine @shadesisla @JDawson168 @TheStudyofWar @criticalthreats Okay we'll have to agree to disagree. The way I see it Russia is making slow but steady gains despite being outnumbered and with Ukraine being backed by the majority of the west. They've changed their strategy and now they are using artillery and bombardments primarily.

@OSINT_Group313 @Semyaza666 @KhatebUsama @TheStudyofWar @criticalthreats Ukraine is obviously the victim here. Russia is the aggressor. In my eyes that doesn't excuse purposely killing civilians. Ever. That's all.

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