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@RpsAgainstTrump Honestly, it's less that I support the people of Ukraine as much as I'm against the aggressive imperialism of nations against their neighbors, against forced annexation.

@gothatfunk And it was avoidable. He could have just left Ukraine alone. I hope his ego won't take the rest of us with him if he can't get out of the war while saving face. I'm afraid he'll do something drastic if he can't win.

@sprucewayne10 @RhysArmstrong13 @PeoplesParty_US @calebmaupin @jimmy_dore I hesitate to say, "What if war breaks out?" cuz I just know someone will pull Ukraine out of their ass like it's an example of what ALL comedians can do as President...but it's a damned valid question. We seem to be headed toward civil war...maybe...

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