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Mike Billington
Disabled Vietnam vet, dad, granddad, cancer survivor, liberal, casual adventurer, retired journalist
Location: Reus, Tarragonna, Spain
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Ukraine Makes Major Breakthroughs On The Battlefield https://t.co/se7fcgpeGy via @YouTube

Russia mobilises national minorities to fight against Ukraine and die – ... https://t.co/sXqj8josOF via @YouTube

How many of these women will be widows in the next 12 months? How many of these children will not have their fathers? This is shameful. Emotional Goodbyes Across Russia As Ukraine Mobilization Begins https://t.co/RFOI1Gm78X via @YouTube

Karine Jean-Pierre: America Is Helping Ukraine Fight For ‘Its Democracy’ https://t.co/VUa4qnM4bH via @YouTube

Putin Increasingly Desperate, Dangerous After Failures In Ukraine Invasion https://t.co/JwV2AkJKtF via @YouTube

Fighting in Ukraine vs serving prison sentence. Confession of captive pr... https://t.co/5GrFPuzrL4 via @YouTube

How many prisoners from Russian jails are fighting in Ukraine https://t.co/yT3mUtMJOe via @YouTube

Russians return to streets to protest widening of Putin’s war on Ukraine https://t.co/y7fMF7sYOF by @RobertMackey

Military Failures In Ukraine Invasion Hurt Russian Credibility As Global... https://t.co/pynbVpkIYC via @YouTube

“Where is The Russian Navy?” - The War in Ukraine with General Ben Hodge... https://t.co/eBKHBZu9Up via @YouTube

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