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@NATO @USNATO time for planes to protect Ukraine..the velvet gloves have to come off and ruZZia removed from the playing field

@mfa_russia @RussiaUN @GazetaRu @PravdaRu @tassagency_en Even the ones that did not come down hard on you when the nazi invasion Of Ukraine began are deserting you

Every country should send the Orcs back to Mordor; they did not protest the nazi genocide in Ukraine and only ran when it affected them. In the October revolution all ruZZian official in other countries will be sent back home to face the wrath of the people @RussiaUN @mission_rf

the beginning of the end of the ruZZian federation. After the breakup, Ukraine will be larger, so @UN they get the USSR security Council Seat!

Soon the drones nazi ruZZia relies on will be going to Ukraine instead. F*Ck ruZZia @mfa_russia @RussiaUN @mission_rf @EmbassyofRussia. Then death to the dicktator will ring out in Moskal as 100's more orcs die for Putler's vanity

3 years from now the borderlands will be trying to join free and strong Ukraine, an EU and Nato member, and leave the Moskal wasteland. Kaliningrad way before that @mfa_russia @RussiaUN @tassagency_en @PravdaRu #RussiaIsANaziState #russiaislosing

History repeats the last nazi leader refused to allow his generals to retreat, and lost an army, his country and his life. Excellent Putin! US media: Russian president rejects requests from commanders to retreat from Ukraine

Oh ruZZia, the nazi regime thinks that anyone outside of the brainwashed peons will believe this. Thick as pigsh*t Armed Russian Proxies in Ukraine Pressure Locals to Vote on Annexation 鈥 Official

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