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@ashigalpa Wow, he invested all that money into FTX, which means Ukraine is kicking Russia's backside without US aid right?

@AyushTandon1 @btarunr @DrSJaishankar @MEAIndia I think you'll find the US is helping Ukraine, just not with direct military engagement. Apples and oranges the rest.

@80a552f8a31c499 @btarunr @DrSJaishankar @MEAIndia Russia broke that promise by invading Ukraine in 2014 and 2022, as well as Georgia and Moldova in the early '90s and 2008.

@btarunr @DrSJaishankar @MEAIndia The US is not trying to proliferate nukes to Ukraine and I think they're well aware of the potential consequences. NATO hasn't even provided Ukraine with their best weaponry. No Patriot system, no THAAD, no ATACMS, no SLAM-ER, no Storm Shadow, no Tomahawk, no Akeron MP...

@chicpandoo @ijaishankar @DrSJaishankar The Cuban regime already is in bed with Russia, whilst they haven't tried basing any nukes there since October 1962. And that's the only issue, NATO has no plans to base nukes in Ukraine and hasn't placed nukes in the Baltics since 2009. So it's different.

@kain1952 This is life in Ukraine for Russian soldiers. You will be hunted by drones all day and all night, whilst awake and whilst asleep, until you are either dead or leave.

@ijaishankar @DrSJaishankar You need to make better friends. Ukraine is not a victim card, it's a sovereign democracy being invaded by a colonial power that thinks it's still the 19th century.

@fa_fobg @Podolyak_M UN recognises all those regions as part of Ukraine, 143 votes to 5. You cannot conduct votes in the presence of a standing army that has executed thousands of civilians, blue helmets of not.

Russian-backed Donetsk judge who sentenced two Britons to death for fighting in Ukraine is 'in serious condition in hospital with gunshot wounds following assassination attempt.' #UkraineWar

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