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Bert Leitch
Retired solicitor. Poet and short story writer. Remain and Pro Independence.
Location: Glasgow, Scotland
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@DecliningUS @FoxNews What do we know Trump is accused off ...? Colluding with Russia in 2016 election Attempting to blackmail Ukraine into providing him with dirt on opponent Conspiring to pervert the result of 2020 election , Having a mob attack Capitol in attempt to overturn election Enough

@rickkeen @seanhannity The attack on Capitol ,the Mueller Report ,the telephone conversation with Ukraine President , "find me 1100O votes ,for a start

@chrissieA2 @NicholasTyrone No one has done anything to help Ukraine except British ,according to the British .It seems to me every country in Europe has made contribution and it is due to that unity Ukraine is still fighting ...and that any thing that weakens that unity such as sneering at allies helps

@MarkThePoolGuy1 @GeorgePapa19 Yes ..It was tactic used by Trump in conversation with Ukraine President ...just say there is an investigation .

@Patriote52 @GeorgePapa19 Are you seriously suggesting there was no evidence Trump did anything wrong .I would suggest that his telephone conversation 're Georgia ,and 're Ukraine ,not to mention his encouragement of attack on Capitol leaves little doubt of that .

@NKR_II @PBabones @TimRunsHisMouth Dismal policies ..unlike denying Covid ,cutting taxes on billionaires, blackmailing Ukraine for dirt on opponent and off course 6 Jan.

@FoxNews @IngrahamAngle Ukraine infrastructure a and off course after math of coup .Only n his dealing with the last item can Biden criticized .By this time Trump should be in jail

@EricFalangas @Reuters Hungary acts like dictatorship ,and must know difference between dictatorship and voluntary group of democracy .With a dictatorship punishment for defiance is invasion .Like Russia and Ukraine .With democracies punishment for acting like dictatorship is expulsion .E U may expell

@kevinell31 @namNM @FoxNews No ..They told the truth about injecting bleach ,pussy grabbing ,Ukraine ,Russia ,multiple bankruptcies , and phoney universities .In fact there is very little they can say about Trump that isn't true ,provided it was villainous

@RenoGS_2017 @Reuters Take a list of Biden's flubs ...Don't be afraid to invent a few in the good old Rep tradition .Balance them against say ,stimulus cheques ,infrastructure ,rallying world in defence of Ukraine ,and ask yourself ...doesn't my cheap sneer about Biden's flubs ,make me look a fool

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