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I'm doing a livestream now with historian @Aaron_Good_ on the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis, discussing the lessons, and how the world today is closer than ever to nuclear apocalypse, with the NATO-Russia proxy war in Ukraine. Join us here:

There are thousands of videos and photos, even in mainstream media outlets like CNN here, showing Ukrainians wearing Nazi symbols and doing fascist salutes. This is not a "fringe minority." The US-sponsored, fascist-led coup in Ukraine in 2014 led to widespread Nazi infiltration

The IMF said a "wave of debt crises" may be coming in the Global South, warning "the worst is yet to come," facing war in Ukraine, interest rates hikes, and an overvalued US dollar. I spoke with geopolitical economist @RadDesai about what this could mean:

The US empire really is threatening all life on Earth with potential nuclear apocalypse: The US military commander who oversees nuclear forces said, 鈥淭his Ukraine crisis that we鈥檙e in right now, this is just the warmup鈥 鈥淭he big one is coming,鈥 he added

NATO's puppet in Ukraine lavishes praise on what even the NY Times admitted is "the most far-far-right coalition in Israel鈥檚 history" These are the values NATO is fighting for: settler-colonialist apartheid (Btw, both Zelensky & Netanyahu have been exposed as blatantly corrupt)

For the 30th year in a row, almost every country on Earth voted at the UN to condemn the illegal, 60-year US blockade of Cuba 185 to 2 USA and apartheid Israel voted against 2 abstained: Bolsonaro's far-right Brazil and NATO's client regime in Ukraine

The United States is preparing to deploy up to six nuclear-capable B-52 bombers to northern Australia to threaten China (Because it's not enough that Washington is already risking nuclear war with Russia over Ukraine; it wants to start another war)

100% correct. "Tankie" is also used in particular to demonize socialists in the Global South, by racist social democrats who always make excuses for US wars. It's infinitely ironic because Western imperialist dronies are demanding that NATO send Ukraine as many tanks as possible

After a US-backed coup against Pakistan's PM Imran Khan, army chief Bajwa visited the US to discuss weakening ties with China, arming Ukraine, even recognizing apartheid Israel I discussed the scandal with Pakistani scholar Junaid S. Ahmad Full video:

Nothing is "apolitical." Especially sports. Ukraine lost, but the US is trying to give it Iran's World Cup spot. The US empire is a totalitarian global regime that seeks to control every institution on Earth (in order to extract wealth out of it for Wall Street capitalists)

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