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@gsatrader @war_watcher @Osinttechnical Cost is insignificant to Ukraine forces. If they run out then US will send more

@BBCWorld Russian has "mercenaries" but Ukraine has "foreign fighters"

@DopsonLucy @MsuVictory4 @USADeclineWatch @AP How do you think Ukraine would be getting on right now if the west had sided with Russia and all sanctions were leveled against Ukraine, and arms were banned from being sent to Ukraine? 馃

@dyafua @JedediahBlunt @TyeahAll4114All @AJEnglish Try googling Azov battalion. You'll see plenty of nazi insignia and records of hurting people. You all love this good vs bad mentality don't you? Russia is bad so all elements of Ukraine must be good! The real world isn't like that despite the propaganda

@Aurelio04091894 @PenguinLiberat2 @Osinttechnical I'm looking at big picture. You all just want endless weaponry sent to Ukraine, some of which has already disappeared or is being sold online, to prolong a war they aren't going to win without direct foreign intervention. It's just prolonging the war, the death and destruction

@PenguinLiberat2 @Osinttechnical You answered it yourself. They can modify them and likely will. Hundreds of billions in weapons have been sent to Ukraine. You hawks keep begging for more but in a decades time there's likely going to be a huge issue with heavily armed terrorist groups in Europe

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