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@Timothy12521882 @anders_aslund @muddyinpb Especially Articles 1 & 8. But Article 5 too. Until Ukraine's territorial borders are unambiguously established, it can't be determined that Ukraine is being attacked. We know it IS! But what about Crimea? Ukraine expects to repossess Crimea, but evidence is need. Complicated!

@Michaelholt30 @KyivIndependent Ukraine will eventually join both the EU & NATO. To join NATO it needs to take control of its pre-2014 territory; including Crimea. Ukraine will re-possess Crimea during 2023.

@Timothy12521882 @anders_aslund @muddyinpb Unfortunately Ukraine doesn't (yet) qualify to join NATO. The Articles don't allow it; they won't change:

@Chykeman38 @akoatangbayan @KyivIndependent Ukraine isn't in NATO; this is not a NATO war. Individual countries that happen to be in NATO may put boots on the ground, but NOT in the name of NATO. The 30 NATO countries could destroy Russia!

@yeahcurious @SamRamani2 We see Zelenskyy on the front line. We seen the UK's Boris Johnson, Ben Wallace, James Cleverly, & Rishi Sunak in Ukraine. And Ursula von der Leyen, I think a number of times. But it's hard to see Putin outside Russia!

@Siddhartha1944 @EisanAndrew @SamRamani2 If/when Ukraine joins NATO, Russia won't dare attack Ukraine. They would be facing 33 countries that have VASTLY superior military power!馃ぃ馃ぃ

@twindcatcher @KyivIndependent "In About a Hundred Words on the Lend-Lease Act" "On October 1st, the Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act of 2022, enacted by the US Congress, will come into effect, allowing Ukraine鈥檚 military to access a host of new resources"

@twindcatcher @KyivIndependent Were all of those promised to Ukraine? (I'm in the UK; I don't track what the US has promised). I think F15s or F16s are high priority. Perhaps F16s; F15s are superior in many ways, but F16s may have more accessible training, spares, repairs, etc.

@KyivIndependent It's mind-boggling just how many countries are providing equipment & other aid to Ukraine! I'd forgotten Luxembourg was a founder member of NATO; population of just 640,000!

@kyong_baik @SamRamani2 In the UK, both major Parties are in public agreement about continuing to send equipment to Ukraine. And to continue to train 1000s of Ukrainian soldiers. (UK's Prime Minister visited Ukraine a few days ago to meet with & promise this to Zelenskyy).

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