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@WarMonitor3 Bexcuse Ukraine fired a rocket into it? Hope they don't join Russia's side!!!

@IsraelSoccerGuy @RobertCahaly @PpollingNumbers @realDailyWire @trafalgar_group @GenDonBolduc @Maggie_Hassan @jeremykauffman Dude anyone with a Ukraine flag is a generally a moron and would be happy to Ukraine fight to the last man. So opinion discarded.

@TomMoroscoEsq @LPNH Then go fight them. Ukraine has a foreign legion.

@DavidSacks Russians are winning clearly. The Ukraine is taking unsustainable losses for awhile now. I do want a negotiation ASAP, but the Russian goal explicitly was to destroy the Ukrainian military, which was wildly successful in September, even if it required trading some land for it.

@David4Liberty @DoyougrokGary @LPNH Well you are wondering why the Donbas didn't want to be apart of Ukraine. There are many reasons. Should they he happy about the 46 Ethnic Russians that were burnt alive in Odessa, and then the Ukraine Fascists celebrated this?

@Kahn4C @angela4LNCChair Ukraine has a different history than the US or virtually any other nation. Many of them fought alongside the Nazis in WWII, and their legacy lives on.

@ColinGBooth Democrats want to call the shots in Ukraine, and they are willing to fight to the last Ukrainian!

@JasonSorens Ukraine tried ethnically cleanse their Russian population during "Ukrainization" following the 2014 coup. The first act was pushed was to ban Russian and a bunch of ethnic Russians were burnt alive by Ukrainian nationals, which they celebrated. Also the economy went to shambles.

@JeremyMMahany @WMUR9 Democrats are very pro war party. Obama expanded the war machine to 7 countries. They also are pro giving Ukraine money to perpetuate the war instead of ending it with negotiations, which is killing thousands and is getting worse everyday for Ukraine. Biden lied US into Iraq.

@Kahn4C @LPNH @LPNational The Ukraine was never a country. It was always apart of another empire and means borderlands. I think it's fine that it's a country, but part of it is opposite culturally. The eastern half is Russian along with Crimea and Odessa.

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