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@AP Meanwhile, “the most popular president ever” is sending 50+ BILLION to Ukraine and other country’s. 🤦🏻‍♀️

@seanhannity @smmarrujo It’s media malpractice that the Biden family aren’t scrutinized thoroughly. The FBI have had Hunters laptop for 2+ yrs, yet do nothing. Joe Biden is obviously compromised. God only knows what China, Ukraine, Russia, among other country’s, have on this crime riddled family.

@RNCResearch Not half. America buys 8% of Russian war. Smirking POS .@SecretaryPete has the absolute gall to laugh as if Biden’s removing Trump’s policy’s aren’t the direct reason for higher gas prices pre Russia/Ukraine. These assholes really think we are all idiots! They can go to Hell!

@nypost #Ukraine is currently in the middle of a war but every friggin “celebrity” can just show up, start filming, snapping selfies, and hold meeting with their president? WTF kind of “war” is this anyway? Unfreakingreal🤦🏽‍♀️

@GuntherEagleman I think all American’s are. Many just aren’t willing to admit it, yet. I see fewer and fewer “I stand with Ukraine” banners these days. America is getting fleeced!

S&P 500 on course for worst first half in over 50 YEARS: Stocks PLUNGE 20% in six months amid surging #inflation, rate hikes and Russia's war in Ukraine  via

@RepMTG I’m interested. I want to know if ANYONE is keeping tabs on where all our printed money is going when it gets to Ukraine. Since my/our grandchildren and great-grandchildren are on the hook repaying for it, taxpayers have a right to know WHO is overseeing where it goes?

@patriotRNaz @Robhopwood5 @pal29b Im still waiting for the “transparent” accountability for not only Covid relief money’s but now the money we keep sending to Ukraine. Anyone keeping track of the waste, fraud and abuse? Nope. We know from history there always is. We won’t be told the truth for years, if ever.

@Breaking911 This has got to STOP! Where are the .@SenateGOP .@HouseGOP .@GOPLeader .@McConnellPress voices on this? We can’t take care of our own suffering American’s but we have an endless flow of money for Ukraine?! 🤬 Is ANYONE accounting for this money NOW? We have a right to know!

@Falconeddie1 @Breaking911 Last I read, European countries sent a total of $8 Billion. Apparently America has given Ukraine a neverending no pay back open tab. 🤬

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