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proud MAGA and so disappointed and disgusted with the way our country's going dwn the toilet!!
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@guarddawg8 @MorganOrtagus @JoeBiden Ummm no he isnt and I'm for America and right now Ukraine is taking America dwn with her. Russia's economy and currency is doing a helluva lot better than ours so yeah it looks as if Biden underestimated Putin or is so incompetent he doesn't see it which is it?

@guarddawg8 @MorganOrtagus @JoeBiden It's working out pretty great for Putin he's taking 1 country while breaking another so 2 birds 1 stone kinda deal🤷‍♀️ it sure as hell isnt so great for Ukraine nor America- Russia is doing better than both combined so is Biden going to sit idly by and let him destroy the US also?

@bstjames1973 @Neet413 @DaBunchlet @StephenMoore @RyanAFournier Well 1 boat load of money to Ukraine surpassed that months ago so wheres the OUTRAGE for Biden? He just raised your taxes or is your outrage as fake as you are?

@Digitus1 @leslibless As soon as Congress and the United States says no we're not sending another dime Zelenskyy will bow down to Putin and do whatever he says. How did Ukraine go fm the most corrupt country in the world to being the country we send all of our money to? Americans need that money rn!!

@Digitus1 @leslibless Looks like we're handing him America on a silver platter. War in Ukraine to bait America in and to break her so then we're so vulnerable and depleted of resources it'll be an easy take for Russia and China

@pamarrington7 @Mattr1228 @GOP Are the Democrats going to disclose where every cent of our tax dollars have went all in the name of "Ukraine"? Ds are more wealthy than Rs do you really think they're going to disclose how they've gotten rich? AOC for example where'd her millions come fm she was a bartender?

😂this🤡 cant be serious smh democratic plantation is the dark money why do you think they've all been flying to Ukraine and some Rs also. But this is the response I figured I'd get whenever I pointed out the Ds have richer donors than Rs smh baaabaaa lil sheep have you anymore

@RepDonBacon Take the Ukrainian flag off your profile if you want to be taken seriously- sending trillions and trillions to Ukraine hurt the American ppl who voted you in and that you're suppose to help so sit dwn and keep quiet like you have been doing so you can silently go bye bye in Nov.

@sapphirestorme @Joy48204639 @Subiesarc @JerichoXV Afganistan where 1000s were killed ALL on the Biden WH inflation is killing Americans but the WH keeps adding to it by sending billions to Ukraine when as soon as they tell Zelensky no and the money stops he'll get on his knees for Putin

@ArtValley818_ Never hes already asking for billions to rebuild why are American taxpayers having to pay for the Ukraine's problems and not the Ukrainian taxpayers???

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