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@mmister Also unclear is how in-kind aid from the US to Ukraine in the form of weapons and ammo was supposed to convert to money for FTX Also unclear is a whole lot of other things Also unclear why a war would be needed for this when the defense industry is flush with contracts

@mmister FTX was a crypto exchange that was a big fraudulent scam. The major co-founder was a big Democratic donor. FTX also offered aid to Ukraine. So clearly it was all a plot to funnel money from the FTX to the Dems to Ukraine back to FTX (unclear what the point of that last part is)

@LouisIngenthron @koop_designs0 Even more so, pretending the apathy to such is about a concern for human life. "Not caring about the territorial integrity of Ukraine" while Russia attacks residential centers and kills civilians and whinging about every time the US hurt Putin's feelings is not so compassionate

@802libertarian Not caring about the territorial integrity of Ukraine is both inconsistent with preserving human life (Russians are killing people in their attempt to take over and occupy) and the aim to avoid nuclear war (Russia taking Ukraine and being up next to Poland all but guarantees WW3)

@jwsherrod @LIBERTARIANnish Libertopia has no need for preventing authoritarians from invading places? What if they want to invade Libertopia? Do you have any evidence that helping Ukraine fight back causes higher chances of nuclear war than Putin getting the idea he can do whatever he wants?

@jwsherrod @LIBERTARIANnish It's more that I think helping Ukraine is the right position and it doesn't matter to me whether that's rooted in libertarian principal or not, but I do think one can make the libertarian case

God heard I was tired of talking about Ukraine and delivered me anti-vaxxers debating how to view people that are vaccinated as if they're in the majority and everyone sees how reasonable they are

@LIBERTARIANnish And for the record, I wouldn't claim to speak for all libertarians, but I don't care enough about the libertarian label to go out of my way to make my position grounded as libertarian. I think sending weapons to Ukraine is good because it would be better they win than lose

@LIBERTARIANnish Does the right even say don't send aid? I know the populist faction is on that, but the Senate voted overwhelmingly to allow Finland and Sweden into NATO, I've seen Graham and Rubio express strong support for Ukraine. I think the right wing opposition is loud but overrated

It really is tiring talking about Ukraine in this sphere because it just feels so inconsequential to argue here. All abstract conversations about ill-defined non-interventionism and unquantified risks of nuclear war, meanwhile you can follow anywhere else for tangible updates

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