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Clinton- Lakers 18th run
Lakers 2022-2023 championship run support
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@KrisLiFitFit @Wangll55406149 @MisterCucvmber @QEfJqo1UVMah7Ed @Veronic59122266 I鈥檓 willing to pay more tax to support threatened democracies with the US military, yes But to avoid another Ukraine in Taiwan, China should simply not invade Taiwan. Just as Russia should not have invaded Ukraine. China could also admit Taiwan鈥檚 independence and make relations

@TheInfoBooth @Siree444 @koumiss @TJQuinnESPN A counterpoint to something you made up? Trump literally got impeached for trying to make Ukraine do his personal bidding in exchange for US support

@mattyglesias Unfortunately true. People I know don鈥檛 care at all about human rights globally. They don鈥檛 care about Ukraine. They don鈥檛 care about any of that. Just want cheaper gas

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