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JUST IN: Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the Kyiv administration and its true masters at the signing ceremony for the decree allowing the DPR, LPR, Zaporozhye, and Kherson regions to join Russia. #Russia #Ukraine #DPR #LPR #Zaporozhye #Kherson #War

BREAKING: Strikes against the annexed territories of Ukraine will be considered by Moscow as aggression against the Russian Federation. This was stated by Kremlin secretary Dmitry Peskov. #Peskov #Donetsk #Ukraine #War

BREAKING: The conflicts in the former Soviet space, including the conflict in #Ukraine, are all the result of the break-up of the USSR. #Politics.

WATCH: 鈥淲ithout military training and without a medical exam鈥, new recruits are directly sent to #Kherson in #Ukraine. This was said by a new recruit mobilized during the partial mobilization announced recently. The video was shared on social media.

BREAKING: The Russian Federation has officially annexed four more regions of Ukraine War. This was disclosed by the Kremlin press-service. #Ukraine #Putin #RussianFederation #War

Out of the 30 thousand troops guarding these borders 80% have been sent to fight in Ukraine.

These sanctions are intended 鈥渢o make #Russia pay for the escalation of the conflict in #Ukraine鈥, said @ursulavonderleyen.

BREAKING: #Germany urges Russian President #VladimirPutin not to use nuclear weapons against #Ukraine and supports the #US stance. #War. German Chancellor @OlafScholz said this in an interview. "Putin makes errors repeatedly.

BREAKING: Russia's foreign ministry announced that Russian-occupied regions in Ukraine made a "conscious and free choice" to join Russia after Kremlin proxies organized so-called referendums in the territories they control.

BREAKING: The #Kremlin has officially stated that their intention is to claim the whole territory of the #Donetsk region of #Ukraine. #War.

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