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@FPWellman Maybe the REPs know how much damage Biden has done to the U.S. by selling us out to Ukraine, China, and Iran. Maybe the truth will soon come out how much the Biden's made from Ukaine and China w/their special envoy, Hunter Biden! Maybe this Treasonous family will pay soon.

Just like I said yesterday. Putin, while LOSING, claims to annex areas to spread fake news to Russian people. Only problem, Ukraine reclaimed the land w/i 24 hrs. I'll Follow You Back! https://t.co/miXxpFu7Jv

Putin claiming to annex parts of Ukraine is like Dems claim that Biden got 81M votes. He鈥檚 actually losing the war, so pretends to be winning by claiming to annex land for Russia. I鈥檒l Follow You Back!

鈥淭he United States, I want to be very clear about this, United States will never, never, never recognize Russia's claims on Ukraine sovereign territory," Joe Biden Who's fucking war is it? Who is Joe Biden to interfere? Giving $ to Ukraine is one thing, but negotiating terms?

BREAKING: President Trump offers to help broker a Peace Deal between Russia and Ukraine. I'll Follow You Back! https://t.co/2pxJ4GVQ4a

I am confused! I see the latest whereby the UN says Russian soldiers raped & murdered Ukraine children from 4 - 82. I just wonder if it's true or if this is part of the process of DEHUMANIZING the enemy. How can you not want to wipe out people who do that? Is it real?

@BradRainey Hardly! There is a big difference between "assisting" Ukraine, & CONTROLLING/MANIPULATING THE CONFLICT. The conflict could likely end immediately, should we threaten to cut off support if they don't sit down and work out a fucking deal! It may not be perfect, but would be done

Is Ukraine turning into another Vietnam? Remember 7 months ago when we were told Ukraine probably wouldn't make it through the weekend? Here we are, the largest provider of aid. If we say NO MORE, & tell Ukraine to talk to Putin & end this shit NOW...it would likely END NOW!

Is The United States trying to push Russia into WWIII? I thought the U.S. mission was to supply aid to Ukraine in its fight. Looks to me like the U.S. is playing games directly to egg on Russia. Why is that? I didn't agree to that. Did you? This was NOT presented to us. https://t.co/7VDPuoCgLh

@lisa_liberal A cult...says those who elected a guy who doesn't even KNOW he's President. Has been caught lying & Plagiarizing mult times. Betrayed his Country by selling out to China/Ukraine. Has not done a SINGLE positive thing in 50 yrs. RUINED OUR ECONOMY! But WE'RE in the cult? Sure https://t.co/De8xZR2wh3

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