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"The colonel said 'I'm going to count to three & then shoot you in the head.' A former Russian army officer tells us about crimes he says he witnessed Russian soldiers committing in Ukraine, including torture of Ukrainian POWs. Producer @BBCWillVernon

“I have no moral right to ask Ukrainians for forgiveness. I can’t forgive myself, so I can’t expect them to forgive me.” A former Russian army officer tells us about crimes he says he saw Russian soldiers committing in Ukraine, including torture & looting. Producer @BBCWillVernon

Reaction in this morning’s Russian papers to Germany supplying Ukraine with battle tanks: “The German Chancellor has clearly forgotten how things ended last time round [in World War II].” #ReadingRussia

The anti-Western rhetoric is off the scale here. Russian TV’s Solovyov tonight on his talk show: “The Fourth Reich has declared war on Russia…they’re supplying [Ukraine] with tanks. Who can possibly deny that after this Berlin is a legitimate target?”

Mixed messages from Russia. On the one hand state TV lists “vulnerable spots”of the US Abrams tanks and Kremlin says don’t overestimate the difference tank deliveries to Ukraine will make. But other Russian officials warn of “dangerous” situation & “new level of confrontation.”

While the headlines today are about western battle tanks to Ukraine, here’s an important development from inside Russia: a Moscow court has ordered the shutting down of Moscow Helsinki Group, Russia’s oldest human rights organisation.

11 months after Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Russian state TV opens its Sunday news review with the words “Certain of Victory.”

A singer crooning “I’m Russian & I will go all the way”; war correspondents holding champagne glasses. Not normal TV fare for a New Year’s night in Russia. But ‘normal’ disappeared when Russia invaded Ukraine. My New Year impressions.

Outside Gorky Park, along with festive fir trees, is a red star with the symbol of Russia’s ‘special military operation.’ As Russia prepares for the New Year holidays, I go onto the streets of Moscow to see how the invasion of Ukraine has changed Russia. @BBCNews

“I never thought my own country would treat me this way." We tell the story of a Russian army officer in Ukraine: after refusing to fight, he was beaten & threatened with execution to try to force him back to the front line. Producer @BBCWillVernon

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