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Fredward馃か #FreeAssange! p
Definitely not Russian馃槈 #StopFundingIsrael #DefendTheSacred
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@BernieSanders YOU SIGNED THE #CARESact The LARGEST upward transfer of wealth in human history ~$5Trillion + Military $800Billion #Ukraine $55Billion DO YOUR JOB LEGISLATE DON'T TWEET Tell "good friend of mine" Joe Biden to #EndTheDamnWars & Invest at home This Ain't Complicated Quit馃憞

@ReadeAlexandra @EvaKBartlett The Politics of Survival with Tara Reade Special Edition Eva Bartlett LIVE From #Ukraine Watch Free on #Rokfin

POTUS just sent $40 billion for weapons to #Ukraine's Nazi infused military & Uncle George FINALLY agrees electing Joe Biden was a bad idea TY @GeorgeTakei

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