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Jens Stoltenberg on Ukraine - "We are not part of this conflict." Wow....

NATO has refused a fast-track entry for Ukraine into the alliance. Common sense, for the moment at least.

If you have any life savings or a huge amount of property equity, I'd spend it all the day that Ukraine becomes a member of NATO....

Italy's new government pledges support for Ukraine, free childcare, tax cuts, immigration laws based on skills, and promotion of the family unit. Far-right...? Because they aren't keen on Von Der Hitler..?

@MartianMafia The Russian separatists in Donbas, Eastern Ukraine want a referendum to join Russia, which is holding them next week. But the West won't recognise their outcome.

You can't support Brexit and not support the implementation of referendums in Ukraine. Soz'.

Both Jeremy Corbyn and Tucker Carlson have come out as completely opposed to giving military aid to Ukraine. The sensible side of left & right....

The current energy crisis has nothing to do with Putin - he's a convenient excuse. It has taken 35 years of energy mismanagement, under both Labour & Tories to get this far. Be better than perpetuating the excuse of the Ukraine war....

Funny how so many people who questioned the media narrative about vaccines, completely fail to question the media narrative about Ukraine....

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