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37 mobilization draft notices have been handed to employees of Far Eastern Federal University. Also, some students, albeit exempt from conscription, have reportedly volunteered to take part in the special military operation in Ukraine.

The blowing up of the NS pipelines feels like a move designed to assert and demonstrate America's escalation dominance over Russia in the Ukraine crisis. This is based on the assumption the Kremlin would not retaliate. If this assumption is wrong, all bets are off.

In his Telegram-channel, Andrey Medvedev, a prominent pro-Kremlin journalist and deputy speaker of the Moscow City Duma, argues that the use of tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine is a bad idea. /1

Dmitry Trenin, until recently head of the Moscow Carnegie Center, suggests that, in the Ukraine crisis, Russia may launch a direct nuclear attack against the US, because a nuclear strike on the US territory is the only way to instill fear in the West.

One of my relatives told me about her co-worker, a woman in her fifties, one of whose sons, a contract service soldier, had been deployed to Ukraine. The mother applied to enroll in the army to join Russia's military operation, but was refused due to her gender and age./1

@novussubsole Most Russians, especially non-elite Russians, are not able to discern Jews and people with Jewish blood. I don't think Jewishness is going to be a significant factor for the populace. Still, it would be interesting to have Russia and Ukraine both led by Jews.

Prominent Russian nationalistic propagandist Dmitry Olshansky argues the war has demonstrated Ukraine has become a very efficient polity since 2014, thanks to Western influence. He contrasts Kiev's efficiency with Moscow's "degradation."

The strikes on Ukraine's critical energy infrastructure indiciate that Putin is ready to escalate. How far can this escalation go? The specter of nuclear war over Ukraine is getting palpable.

His another argument is that a nuclear attack on London will help end the Ukraine war. To be fair, the rest of the guys are sceptical about the whole idea. /2

According to Ukraine's finance ministry, in August foreign grants accounted for over 50% of the country's budget.

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