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@Numbers28 Americans know Ron desanctimonious has a totalitarian/Nazi/communist bent, he is underhandedly weakening Ukraine's resolve in this war, a common theme for republicans. A lot of Nazi pictures of Hitler on Twitter to reinforce the "R" 's support for anti democratic dictators.

@visegrad24 Russia is everyone's enemy. China chose Putin before the Chinese Olympic games, he invaded Ukraine just after, they had a deal. India buys weapons from Russia so will probably side with them. The new world order.

@DavidCornDC I was born back in 1953, nothing has changed with russia so why would republican perception's change? I hope to living fvck that it's not to own us. They can do that for anything else but weakening our resolve against russia and our support of Ukraine is treasonous.

@rotterdamvvg @ursobuursula1 @Ness_Writes @Bewickwren @CherylHouser8 Well it's winter in Canada, we snow shoe and Tweet. One takes a couple of hours, the other takes all day. 馃槀 Focus most my energy on keeping the lying republicans honest and fighting for freedom in Ukraine and the rest of the world. All from behind a keyboard...

@KyivIndependent I don't imagine that Ukraine is suffering from an influx of immigrants these days. That would change the numbers. What I find amazing, most of the Ukrainian immigrants fleeing the war to Canada already speak English. Obviously this helps them settle in quicker. #SlavaUkraini

@davidmweissman Doing our best to do what's right for everyone. Dems and Canadian Liberals mostly work for the people. They also work for societies in trouble like Ukraine. Even when we do this, we study the situation to get the best results and don't do it blindly. Glad to have Prez. Biden

@KatyaYushchenko This article blows my mind, "When Ukraine goes dark", when you scroll down in the article the image at the top goes from light to dark, blow my mind, very original. THe first big blackout in Ukraine, we turned off all the lights and devices and lit candles in solidarity.

@lance_cotten He offers leadership on the World stage and keeps winning at home against tough odds. Surrounded by good people and offering solid government, just what Ukraine and NATO needed after trump weakened this organization and threatened to pull out. #VoteBlue was never stronger!

@mhmck True, go-slow is hurting women and children. I have a gut feeling everyone is waiting to see if Ukraine can counter the new russian offensive. If things go bad, they'll send loads of new equipment. I don't agree with this and people die waiting to see which way the wind blows.

@ZelenskyyUa @officialABAT Through tough times Ukraine and President Zelensky continue their food exports. As russia shows Ukraine what a murderous nation can do, Ukraine quietly continues to feed the world. Do you see why the West supports Ukraine, they are part of the world's humanitarians, russia NOT

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