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@YacovLivne @MSZ_RP Help Ukraine and stop the Hypocrisy Israel

@M00fficial @blackintheempir Politically Russia could never win against all of europe and USA in a million years. If they could win politically Putin wouldn't have sent tens of thousands to die in Ukraine. It was because he has no chance to win politically why he decided to use his military

@Commonperson57 @RWApodcast As real as they come, with common sense realizing no one has to die if Russia just leaves Ukraine because it's not their country

@corbotley @myroslavapetsa There is no de-escalation after this just NATO massacering the Russians in Ukraine

@Gaby45yo1 @ESPKANE37 @davidwjohns1111 @apocalypse0s There's propaganda on both sides, but there's 0 doubt that Russia started this war with it's invasion, if Putin didnt send in 180k troops into Ukraine on Feb 24th, we wouldn't be here today. No one in the west is reaponsible for Putin being mental

@Flash_news_ua Some kind of joke? Poland and Ukraine over France and Germany any day

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