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@Oxet64 This. Russia cannot even handle Ukraine, Poland has not fired a shot yet, and they think the can defeat all of NATO? If Ukraine and Poland conducted an offensive campaign, they really would be in the opfor鈥檚 capital in 3 days. Russia has no idea what reality is.

@TreasChest How exactly is Ukraine a belligerent country? These are weapons we are talking about, there is an understanding that they will most likely be used to kill people. I cannot think of a scenario that is less problematic than this war. How do the Swiss WANT 'their' weapons used?

The @rcmpgrcpolice has released a guide for newcomers to Canada fleeing the war in Ukraine, the purpose of which is to inform and protect Ukrainians from Human Trafficking. If you know any such persons, please share this link with them: https://t.co/SbfM5Bv1Gz #NAFO #Ukraine

@JoohnChoe An ignorant, virtue-signalling fool. I鈥檝e crossed paths with him early in the war. It鈥檚 complete insanity after all that has happened, he still does not understand. Ukraine 鈥榞ave up鈥 land to Russia a decade ago, and how many lives is that saving now? He is a simpleton, period.

@TheEmilyBloom One of the most terrible tragedies and ironies of this war, is that while Ukraine loses it鈥檚 best - the young, the brave, educated and volunteers, honourable citizens defending their homeland & fighting for freedom, Russia is losing people from the opposite end of the spectrum鈥

@AndrewPerpetua We tend to do the right thing, and have in many conflicts - sometimes that means staying out of it like with Iraq, or getting involved like with Iran and the hostage crisis - but we could and should do more when it comes to Ukraine. We are a significant arms producer despite鈥

@AngloAmerican74 @macergifford @BorisJohnson I think the important point, certainly to Ukrainians, is what he did, but why. My family in Ukraine could care less if their lives or country are saved by someone who only did it to burnish their reputation or out of true goodwill, as long as it鈥檚 done and they don鈥檛 die.

@DougKlain Those who adopt this position demonstrate they have no understanding of Ukraine, Russia or warfare.

@am_misfit Watch this video again. Then consider, this incredible determination & heroism is not a singular event. This is happening, across the warzone, again & again. This man was super-human in his refusal to go down easily to the attacking force. This is Ukraine & Russia in a nutshell.

@KyivIndependent Who cares. We've already seen what happens when other countries support Ukraine in these efforts even when Putin decides he is not going to support it. Nothing. The world needs to stop looking to Putin for permission and start training him to realize he does not dictate terms.

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