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To believe in nonsense is an unforgeable demonstration of loyalty. It serves as a political uniform.
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@RealDeniseWelch Someone left the cake out in Ukraine. They partygated Johnson to free him up. We have to start seeing that the globalist operation deploys our politicians and not at random. Zahawi is being moved out of the limelight because of vaxx, I'd guess.

@ArrowJonny @DrSuneelDhand Once you know it's evil. Most people don't know it's evil. I think the Ukraine escalation is evil and I say so. I'm a weirdo. Where is the outrage against the AI stuff? Most people seem to think it is just cool tech.

@edward_baran I wonder if they aren't attacking him as a tax fraud in order to get him out of harm's way. The Johnson partygate stuff was social engineering. Johnson was more useful in Ukraine.

@mrjamesob The Times is at the heart of it all. Got rid of Corbyn, boosted Covid and the vaccines, shifted Johnson to Ukraine etc etc. Obviously coincidental.

@TheEndisFar @ScottAdamsSays @YouTube People who lost the Covid challenge should now be thinking how to win the unsettled anti-racism, trans, climate crisis, AI and Ukraine games. I mean all these things ironically.

@unherd @dcsandbrook So Ukraine brings America a chance to achieve redemption? Americans need to spend more time fighting the communists (whatever they really are) at home than abroad.

@Channel4News @mattfrei We can be sure that Ukraine is a Covid style globalist psyop because of the universal agreement of governments and media that it must be supported however little it is in anyone's interest.

@PopeyeBeatPete @PrisonPlanet Green haired Ukraine fan isn't going to change these dope's minds.

@ALilyBit The WEF performance may in part be designed to draw fire towards impregnable elites and away from the multitudes of activists who are wokifying the world in preparation for events like Covid and Ukraine and Agenda 2030 stuff.

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