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@LouC666 @repmorgan @SenWhitehouse Weapons left in Afghanistan and Ukraine will end up on our streets. Also illegal immigrants flooding neighborhoods don鈥檛 understand our culture no boundaries. Physically tried to snatch my elderly dog. She couldn鈥檛 communicate with me. Problems liberal left created

@repmorgan @SenWhitehouse I am way more concerned about the military weapons left in Afghanistan and sent to Ukraine ending up on our streets. Spanish only speaking woman tried to claim my elderly dog by force yesterday . WW is no longer safe .

@RepMikeQuigley Actually leaving weapons in Afghanistan and sending Ukraine weapons will put more military style weapons in the street

@RamonaBessinger It鈥檚 going to be like Ukraine when the government made it illegal to speak Russia.

@Anthony102168 @KGETnews In America it is not the far right that enforced mask 馃樂 trying to keep citizens out of society over a shot in the arm etc etc the tyranny is from the left in the USA. Hitler wanted the world to bow to the Nazi flag. The left want us to bow to a Ukraine flag .

@oshobudda @rigopchairwoman @RhodeIslandGOP @GOP China doesn鈥檛 need to do an invasion . The democrats have it covered. Remember all the weapons in Afghanistan and Ukraine?

I am thinking ghost guns come from Afghanistan and Ukraine. Dark money black market

The democrats always say citizens don鈥檛 need weapons of war or military style weapons. Like the criminals are not going to get the stuff left behind in Afghanistan and sent to Ukraine. #tyranny

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