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@uamemesforces Ukraine could have asked Russia to not shell and attack civilian areas.

@M0uthnoises @TorontoStar Why should Ukraine negotiate a bad 'peace deal' that essentially favours Russia?

@IAPonomarenko They'll blame the West for giving Ukraine long range weapons for this change.

@mtracey I hope Ukraine does launch strikes at Crimea. To avenge all the Ukrainians that have been killed by Russian strikes

@NeverResist @Sytheruk @lesiavasylenko Which means Ukraine should have a right to attack military targets in Russian Crimea.

@mtracey Paul isn't wrong though. It is fair for Ukraine to strike targets in Russia (not sure about Belarus though)

@nealerichmond Every single thing (except the support for Ukraine) about this front page shows what is wrong with modern Britain

@AndyInLondon1 @mtracey Putin was supposed to win in 3 days. He failed to take Kyiv. Failed to kill Zelensky. Ukraine is a candidate for the EU, Finland is going to join NATO. How you can class this as a Russian strategic victory is beyond me.

@The_Real_Fly Simple. Leave Ukraine alone and return all the land you've stolen.

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