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🇵🇱🇺🇸 Strong follower of humans’ rights and geopolitics. Unfortunately also a massive cynic. Second account, for non-Star Wars content. You get what you get.
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@rudidoodie @DavidPr44321213 @johnpilger Holy crap, you really are even stupider than I thought. This is the report from literally the WEEK before Russia moved in—the AFU had ramped up their shelling and was in fact initiating the next phase of the war. During the frozen period, Ukraine implemented various cultural

@northernchinook @SpeckBella They did. And I recognize you. If I’m a “Russian propagandist”, you’re a hardcore Ukrainian propagandist. Unfortunately for you, reality has an anti-Ukraine bias. Goodbye.

Always give Ukrainians their own personal agency to decide what they want for their country… Except when they commit terrorist acts outside of Ukraine, in which case it’s all Russia’s fault for having intervened in state-sanctioned ethnic cleansing.

@MojaveReborn @logadvo Meanwhile Ukraine was a lawless backwater dump and all the actual, non-genocidal cultural greats had ties or connections to Russia.

@FadeevDode It’s really interesting how the only ones who seem to actually want to go to war are the Ukrainians. Even before Russia ““invaded”” in February, calls to renegotiate another round of Minsk agreements never seemed very popular outside Eastern Ukraine.

@HarryIWood @someguyfrompitt No one was talking about the Russian speakers. We are specifically talking about the 17% Russian ethnic minority in Ukraine.

@HarryIWood That is literally an Ukrainian propagandist who denies atrocities by the Ukrainian state. We can go in circles about this all day long but at the end of the day the ones who matter are the civilians, and there are many more unflattering stories than flattering ones for Ukraine.

Also, Donbas “supports” Ukraine in this war? Lmao. Because they are a monolith (to simple-minded Westerners), clearly.

@TheNarrator000 @danintheoutback @Blindman_54 @BenjaminPDixon Before even 2008. For example, the US and Ukraine have been voting in perfect synchronization against Russia’s anti-Nazi UN resolution ever since it was first introduced, soon after the Orange Revolution, in 2005.

Czech guy casually advocates for ethnic cleansing of all Russians in Ukraine in response to tweet saying war crimes are bad.

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