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27 years in China, political and financial analyst
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Ukraine for countering Russia Israel for controlling the Middle East Taiwan as unthinkable US aircraft to fight China US doesn't fights wars anymore, it controls, indoctrinates, finances, sells weapons to countries hijacked by US installed regimes.

Same as for"Ukraine's special operation",Putin is ending a war started in 2014, "Taiwan issue" is a also the continuation of a war that started in 1949 Putin and Xi are not starting wars but ending them. History will show they brought peace while the collective west antigonized

Pelosi not going to Taiwan Nobody exploring possibility that the decision might come from Taiwan Maybe DPP looking at Ukraine's defeat & coming to their senses. If invaded, Taiwan's military would maybe lay down their weapons & a large portion of ppl would back reunification

Russian Ops in Ukraine (July 28, 2022) - Ukraine's "Kherson Offensive," Battle in the Donbass

Related to bombing military targets in Odessa port : There is nothing in the "food deal" that would prohibit Russia from continuing the special operation and destroying Ukraine's military infrastructure, Lavrov said.

SBU / Ukraine secret services, criminal organisation according to US State department 2019 report

going from whitewashing Ukraine's corruption and nazis to now questioning western narrative. Zelensky won't last, they have used him, soon time to discard him.

*SBU / secret services Ukraine : 30'000 employees *MI6 / secret services UK : 2'600 employees *DGSE / Secret services France : 7'000 employees Ukraine "police state" with largest secret services agency in Europe. Head of SBU just got fired on treason accusations

@LeeKenn19267592 Let's talk again this winter, your ego will be hurting badly, hope you will be honest to give me excuses for your ignorance. Check Google trend and see how interest in Ukraine has dropped : fact.

Europe now talks only about the weather..... Ukraine war is thing of the past, no more a cause to fight for. Though EU will be reminded of its bad choices during the winter when no heating and with further decline of EU economy. In the meantime, let's talk about the weather 馃槅

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