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Andy Vermaut shares:Roger Waters Says He’s on Ukraine “Kill List,” Calls Evidence of Russian War Crimes “Lies”: The Pink Floyd co-founder thinks Ukraine wants him up against The Wall. Roger Waters Says He’s on Ukraine “Kill List,” Calls… Thank you.

Andy Vermaut shares:Estonian president calls Ukraine 'worthy ally,' backs its NATO bid: submitted by /u/Strategic_Prussian [link] [comments] Thank you!

Andy Vermaut shares:Kremlin praises Elon Musk after he suggests a "peace" plan. Ukraine has other thoughts.: Tesla CEO inserts himself into the escalating war—via Twitter, of course. Thank you.

Andy Vermaut shares:After Retaking Key Town, Zelensky Says Will "Knock Out" Russians One-By-One: Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky on Saturday pledged to retake more areas in the country's eastern Donbas region from Russian forces. Thank you.

Andy Vermaut shares:Ukraine hammers Russian forces into retreat on east and south fronts: submitted by /u/skeiklaaq [link] [comments] Thank you!

Andy Vermaut shares:UK Press Says NATO Is Warning Its Members That Russia May Test A Nuclear Device Or Launch A Tactical Nuclear Strike On Ukraine: FILE PHOTO: Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a conference of heads of security and… Thank you.

Andy Vermaut shares:Russia Loses 44 Tanks, 27 Armored Vehicles in a Single Day: Ukraine: submitted by /u/ExoticNormie [link] [comments] Thank you!

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