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@ProfKarolSikora I don't understand how a 拢2bn tax cut can trigger such a run on sterling. We have slung far more than this at Ukraine and it pales into insignificance compared to amounts wasted during the covid debacle. It looks more like a deliberate shot across the bows to me.

@Dominic2306 There was a deal on the table in March/April in Istanbul, until Johnson leant on Zelensky (no doubt on the orders of the US State Department) and Ukraine walked it all back.

@RachelReevesMP How much as been spaffed on Covid and Ukraine with the Labour party's explicit approval?

@RhonddaBryant The cost of removing the 45% tax rate pales into insignificance compared to the billions spaffed on lockdowns, PPE, test and trace and Ukraine - all of which your lot fully supported and continue to support.

@trussliz This is supply-side crisis. No amount of budgetary tinkering will make oil, gas, electricity, fertilizer and food appear out of nowhere. You have thrown our country under the bus at the behest of the Biden administration in pursuit of its unhinged obsession with Ukraine.

@vonderleyen Ukraine, whatever is left of it, will become a foreign aid dependent satrapy of the United States - as will the European Union thanks to your ruinous "green" energy policies and economically suicidal sanctions. Nice job!

@vonderleyen Ukraine, whatever is left of it, will become a foreign aid dependent satrapy of the United States. It will never again be sovereign in any conventional understanding of the word.

@ImpOfWar How much 'peace' has Ukraine brought to the people of Donbass in the last 8 years?

@JustinTrudeau How amazing that ethnic Russians who have been persecuted by successive regimes in Kiev should vote to leave the corrupt oligarchic basket case that is Ukraine and join the RF. I just can't figure it out...

@Out_Of_Phase_ @BBCBreaking Amazing how the regions that Ukraine has been indiscriminately shelling since 2014 are now valued parts of the Ukrainian Motherland..

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