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@Random2948245 @nexta_tv Surprised? Ukraine recently voted twice against Israel. Together with Iran and Russia...

@RobertW07160312 @AP All lies! Russia is winning! Dont believe it! But maybe you tell us why is Ukraine loosing?

@AP Where is the shift? On Ukraine's conditions was always fine. Get out of Ukraine and negotiate...

@runews Stop begging for negotiations! Peace is easy. Just say to your Boss to fuck off from Ukraine...

@rohit333999 @BraulioMauSilva @runews Joker is kicking Putler ass! Second best in Ukraine isnt laughing anymore...

@LT_CryptoSxm @Chandanashok21 @Emanuele72011 @runews Maybe they ask because they are invaded? The economy is destroyed and weapons and social expenses are not for free? Did Ukraine ask for help before the invasion? Did they ask for money to invade? Maybe US decided to stop Putin before the prob spreads beyond Ukraine?

@russf @jayatalkshow @rq26961513 @lapatina_ Why Donbass was occupied by Russia before? It was Ukraine and before 2014 there was no issue, no dead. Now the DNR and LNR men disappered. All mobilized. Russians are hunting the men on the street.

@russf @jayatalkshow @rq26961513 @lapatina_ Russian men are fleeing since mobilization was announced. More than 1 mn left the country. Ukraine most men are fighting. Just check the stats, before bullshiting. You have simply no clue what you are talking about. 5min on google and you make up your story!

@russf @lapatina_ 1. So you didnt see the pictures of Mariupol? Izum, Bakhmut, Butcha, etc? 2. If it is regime change, why Putin is begging for negotiations and occuping 20% of Ukraine? Why change regime if it is elected by population? 3. You should watch russian state TV. You would like it

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