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@jacksonhinklle No Americans stand with Putin. All Americans stand with Ukraine. Those who stand with Putin are not Americans.

Nalvany the imperialist: Navalny advised Ukrainians not to deceive themselves: "Crimea will remain part of Russia and will never become part of Ukraine again in the foreseeable future".

Navalny should not be in prison, but he is also no supporter of Ukraine. His well documented career is punctuated with imperialism and bigotry.

Imagine if antiwar protesters had demanded that Iraq surrender to achieve peace during the American invasion... Wouldn't we have called them "prowar" protesters? If you do not support Ukraine, you are prowar.

@NickAdamsinUSA Sure, let's see you on the front line in Ukraine.

Due to sexual abuse by Kadyrov's, the Intenational Animal Rights Agency has had to issue this doll to field workers. #Russia #Chechnya #War #Ukraine

@IuliiaMendel Both. Frozen Russian assets will not be enough. Just as American investment in Europe after WW2 paid off by helping to create a stable Western Europe, so too will the West's investment in Ukraine create a stable Eastern Europe.

@NickAdamsinUSA Ukraine decides when the war is over, not the USA. Trump is Putin's bottom boy.

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