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On the ground reporting of EU policy and law creating backlogs on Ukraine side of vehicles transporting goods etc - costing lives.

@weareint0lerant I鈥檓 sorry you are so lost, you didn鈥檛 realise that Russian propaganda about the Nazification of Ukraine began well before 2014. You are a tool, and a fool. I pity all who have to engage with you and am glad that I will never do so again.

They are desperate to ignore the evidence and slur anybody who points out the facts - Azov is not a 鈥楴azi鈥 regiment and Ukraine is not a 鈥楴azi鈥 country. England is fucked up.

@KeithTatem It鈥檚 been the go to lie for years about Ukraine, and I struggle with how it has become a Truth for some people across the western world, and that a lot of them seem to claim allegiance with left wing ideals.

everybody wants this to resurrect this piece. why is it so important for the left to perpetuate the myth of the Nazi infested Ukraine?

@laotianrockrat There are no Nazis in Ukraine. Just Russian fascists.

@thebluntlaser Corbyn is doing tv spots for Kremlin friendly channels and arguing against arming Ukraine. Why do you continue to support him?

god almighty, a panel of Scottish commentators and not one of them can offer support for Ukraine to receive fighter jets. @AngelaHaggerty particularly notable for claiming that UK can鈥檛 just keep 鈥榯hrowing weapons鈥 at the problem.

pretty sure Biden has been vocal and committed. it鈥檚 your friends in the GOP that are trying to defund Ukraine. Maybe write about that.

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