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@voteblue8888 Paul was right. He delayed the war. If US voted yes then Russia would attack Ukraine yrs ago before Ukraine's NATO membership is formalized.

@DrAnnaPirates A random poll from Bloomberg - the American majority don't support sending heavy arms to Ukraine. It's not just American conservatives. 54% is the American majority. We want peace for you. Zelensky should negotiate and US can help ensure Ukraine's national interests at the table.

@DrAnnaPirates Speaking of genocide, US war in Iraq killed around 190,000 civilians, a number several times the reported Ukrainian civilian death toll - What do you call that? And What do you call Israel did to Palestinians? Why is Ukraine so special? End it now by peace negotiation.

@DrAnnaPirates You made it sound like Ukraine didn't commit genocide against its own Donbas citizens or against Poles in WW2. Like I said, they are both bad - that's a fact.

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