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Alvaro Santos 馃嚜馃嚭
Don't trust people. Hate politicians. Despise radical left/right. If you're a communist, a fascist,
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@NicholasNJ17 @alexbward You should start by learning how Crimea became part of Ukraine, but I'm not sure if you're smart enough.

@2ndNewMoon 馃ぁ Ukraine has a fascist problem, it's called ruSSia.

@jaccocharite You claim that's a kindergarten but yet I see no children. Also, those soldiers could be chinese for all I know, not a single Ukraine army insignia, or yellow/blue arm band.

@AddictSweeps @nytimesworld Yeah, but probably they are out of HIMARS range... So unless there is sabotage from the Belarussian people, that is really bad news for Ukraine.

@foerderreuther @ivanastradner It's not because of a "disagreement", Scholz is always trying to not piss off pootin, and delays as much as possible any meaningful help to Ukraine. Just an example, out of many,,,

@mekshune @bozhablagodat @SergiyKyslytsya "there are protests and there are support of Ukraine from Russians all over the world" Show us some proof...

@m_sterdjevic @LvivTyler Brainwashed ruSSian orc... Move your fascist ass to Ukraine, they need more fertilizer.

@na_intel Wow, I'm impressed, such a strong ruSSian orc, he beats vegetables (and probably his wife) like no problem. I bet he would make some nice fertilizer in Ukraine.

@DmytroKuleba Sadly, Visa ban for tourists will never happen, Westerners are too much nice guys to do something like that. At least charge them with a steep extra fee, and channel it to Ukraine...

@visegrad24 If only every EU country had Estonia's spirit regarding Ukraine... Cheers! 馃嚜馃嚜馃挋馃挍

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